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Cape Town, South Africa is currently faced with it’s worst drought in history. Three years of unprecedented drought changed the way millions use this precious resource. Each citizen was instructed to limit their daily use of water to 13 gallons per day (50 liters). In an effort to save water camp showers became a norm in my home.

I was shocked to find how vulnerable towels are to bacteria. With each use of your towel, you transfer bacteria onto your towel, at the same time your towel transfers bacteria onto the surface of your skin. Infested towels can cause bacterial infection like impetigo, fungal infection and bacterial build-up on the skin causing blemishes and breakouts.

Know Towel is a world first, a towel that truly gives you the power of knowing. Each day experience a thought through, fresher towel. Follow all the icons or simply ones that simply you care most about. Say goodbye to odors. and musty towels.

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